What Does Salaxy API Provide?

Version 1.0 of the API was released in December 2016. It includes developer documentation and full example sites. Version 1.0 is already a tried and tested in live services, it is not a beta release.
First API versions were released to our partners in Q4 / 2015. It is currently in production use by multiple services, such as Palkkaus.fi service, the payroll service for SMEs. API is already used to pay salaries to thousands of employees and houndreds of SME employers.


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Olli Perttilä / CTO, Salaxy.com

Salaxy Platform

Salaxy is designed for 3rd party developers and offers a ready-made packege to integrate payroll features and salary payments to your internet service.
You can integrate platform features to your own UI and your service user flow will be as smooth as possible. We will do all the work related to the payments and payroll bureaucracy.


Salaxy Developer Trainings

We have training sessions for developers. Trainings are typically in Helsinki region and held in Finnish and/or English depending on the needs of the participants.
Training sessions consist of the API and the service introductions and practical examples. We would like to have informal sessions and encourage participants to ask and contribute to the development. All our documentation, example cases and material are in English.
Training When Where
Salaxy API and Salary calculator with Angular 2 components Q1/2018 Helsinki
Salaxy API server side, using ASP.NET MVC Q1/2018 Helsinki